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Ready made solution for e-invoicing that is in compliance with regulation of e-invoicing in Saudi Arabia. StarBiz is online accounting, Rental & Inspection software that manages your finances, automates business workflows of Trading, Rental, Manpower & Inspection, and helps you work collectively across departments

What is e-invoicing?

On December 4th, 2020, The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority in Saudi Arabia issued its new e-invoicing (FATOORAH) regulations. All businesses and individuals subject to VAT are required to develop systems that generate and store invoices before December 4th 2021 (for Phase 1).Saudi Arabia plans to adopt international practices and increase compliance with tax obligations through the new e-invoicing mandate.

Outstanding Payments:

Easily track customers with unpaid invoices and automate reminders based on length of delays, payment terms or the amount due.

built-in invoice verification

With this feature, the application allows employees to create digital invoices with or without a reference to a purchase order.

Duplicates and Variances

The solution matches references, identifies duplicates, and detects variances in electronic invoices. Human intervention is only required when an exception occurs.

AR invoice and payment

Create an invoice and receipt in one step by using information from the same document.

Tax Management:

Easy automation of VAT changes and tax calculation on goods and services. It also offers structured withholding tax processing.

Batch Processing of Invoices

Create multiple account receivables and payable e-invoices automatically in batches.

With StarBiz e-Invoicing Solution, benefit from:

Accurate invoicing

Compliance with e-invoice and VAT regulations of KSA

Complete digital invoice management

Seamless integration with systems

Extend seamlessly to other indirect taxation requirements

Strengthen reputation for not allowing fake invoices

BM SOFTTECH e-invoicing solution

BM SOFTTECH, we developed and built a solution that in compliance with e-invoicing requirements and regulations been announced by government in Saudi Arabia. Our Software solution built on New technologies and ready to be implemented within weeks. Also, it has a lot of financial functions and features for advanced accounting to give you full control on your business!

  • Invoice template customization
  • Get real-time invoice reports
  • End-to-end accounting

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Frequently Asked Queries

StarBiz is a feature-rich invoicing software designed for small and large business owners. Whether you're invoicing online or recording offline payments, StarBiz has you covered.


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How do I invoice the billable expenses?

At the time of creating the expense, mark it as billable and you can convert it to an invoice in a click.

StarBiz offers a templates that lets you customise your estimates depending on your requirement. You can choose a template of your choice and tailor it to suit your brand.

StarBiz supports mobile and Windows compatiable, letting you create and send invoices wherever you go.

The transaction approval feature of StarBiz lets you verify and approve the invoices created by your employees, before sending the invoices to your customers.


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